Visa Requirements

It is the participant’s own responsibility to obtain a visa for the Republic of Kenya. Participants required to be in possession of a visa are advised to obtain one as early as possible. A valid visa should be obtained in advance from the Kenyan Embassy/High Commission in the participants’ country of residence or the nearest Kenya Embassy in the region. The information provided here acts only as guidance. Kindly note the delegates Visa for this Summit has been waived and participants should avail their registration approval letter when applying for the Visa to enjoy this waiver.

A valid passport, valid for at least six months from date of arrival, is required for entry into the Country. For more information on visa requirements to enter the Republic of Kenya, please visit:

Please note that the Republic of Kenya is discontinuing issuance of visas on arrival and therefore participants requiring visas are encouraged to apply for a visa via this link: If needed, but under exceptional circumstances for selected countries, it is still possible to obtain visas upon arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. The fee is USD 50 for single entry. This information must, however, be confirmed on the website of the Government of Kenya.

Nationals of the following countries require a referred visa prior to arrival in the Republic of Kenya and which should be acquired in advance through a Kenyan Embassy: Afganistan, Armenia, Azerbajan, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Tajikistan, Palestine, North korea, and Kosovo.

Please note that visas are not required for citizens of: The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Botswana, Brunei Darussalam, Burundi, Cyprus, Dominica(not to be confused with Dominican Republic), Eswatini, Ethiopia, Fiji, Gambia, Ghana, Grenada, Jamaica, Kiribati, Lesotho, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Namibia, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Samoa, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, San Marino, Solomon Islands, South Africa (for less than 30 days stay), Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Tonga, Tuvalu, Uganda, Vanuatu, Zambia and Zimbabwe.