Media Edge – ICPD25 Bi-Lateral Room Request Form

There are no pre-scheduled bilateral meetings for the Nairobi Summit. For those interested in holding bilateral meetings please complete the form below, as much as possible, and arrange the event through Media Edge, a third party independent contractor. Leave any areas blank that you are not sure of/that you wish for the Event Organizer to propose/suggest. After submission of your application, a Media Edge Bi-Lateral Room Request booking Agent will contact you to firm up the booking.

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Media Edge – ICPD25 Bi-lateral Room requests Form

Contact Us at or at +254-20 4289601

I. Please tell Us About Your Event

Event Date: Start Time: End Time:

(Set-up Date): Start Time: End Time:

Event Name: Expected Attendance:

Brief Description of Event:

Event Goals:

What advertisements do you plan to use to promote this event (if any):

This event will have

  • Event Tickets

  • Guest Speaker(s) (please provide some detail on speakers and requirements)

  • Vendors (please describe what items will be sold)

II. Room/Space/Decor Request (Check all that apply)

Large Rooms

Mid Sized Rooms

Small/Meeting Rooms

Other Spaces

  • Ballroom indoor

  • Meeting room

  • Boardroom

  • Exhibition

  • Large tent/hall outdoor

  • Mid size tent outdoor

  • Pagodas (3by3m)

  • Outdoor terrace

  • Other

  • Other

  • Other

  • Restaurant

  • Garden

Please tick all that apply

Additional details

Theme colors/style

  • Special Theme (describe)

  • Color theme (describe)

Event seating style (please select one)

  • Cocktail

  • Theater

  • Banquet

  • Classroom

Number of tables

  • Round

  • Rectangular

Number of Chairs

  • Banquet Chairs plain

  • Banquet chairs with covers

  • Chiavari chairs

  • Other decorative chairs


  • Small (2 by 4m)

  • Medium (4 by 6M)

  • Large (8 by 10m and above)

Panel Chairs/Stage furniture

Centerpieces (floral)


  • Ambient (plain)

  • Mood lighting/colored lights

  • Chandeliers

Other requirements for decor

Please select (options below the image) the desired set up style

Theater   Classroom   U-Shape   Square   Banquet Rounds  

III. Event Support required

  1. Meeting Support Requests

Additional Details

  • Flip Charts

  • Handouts/Copies

  • Microphones

  • PA System

  • TV’s/Projectors

  • Podium

  • Programs

  • Menus

  1. Catering Requests

Additional Details

  • Gala Dinner/dance

  • Dinner

  • Luncheon

  • Breakfast

  • Cocktail

  • Other (please describe

  1. Entertainment Requests

Additional Details

  • Emcee/moderator

  • Band/musical act

  • Piped music

  • Other act/entertainment (Please describe)

IV. Use this side to Illustrate Room set up (if necessary)

Be sure to fill out all portions of this form before submitting.

V. Other;

Please provide any other details that may be relevant to the execution of this event

VI. Requester Details

Thank you for taking the time to provide this information

Please note: The completion of this form does not confirm that your request will be fulfilled. We will revert with any further questions and/or a quotation. All confirmations will be emailed along with a budget/budget implications.



The information and reservation mechanism included here in relation to bi-lateral room requests is provided by Media Edge, a third party independent contractor providing services for the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25. Any arrangement made by a potential event organizer with Media Edge will be subject solely to the terms agreed between the event organizer and Media Edge.
The co-conveners of the Summit are not responsible for any such arrangement. Please note further that the name and logo of the Nairobi Summit cannot be used without the express written permission of the co-conveners of the Nairobi Summit.

Contact Us at or at +254-20 4289601